On The Future of the Web

Last month Proton published a feature, “Thoughts on the future of the web” with the company’s CEO along with Max Schrems and Cory Doctorow. A lot of the focus was on the difficulties presented by concentration of power on the internet and the challenging political situations across the world, but Doctorow’s continuing attention on interoperability was the most hopeful part.

The beauty of interoperability is that it creates remedies in the moment. As soon as we tell companies they have to share unlock codes with independent technicians, third parties can enter the market and do stuff. And it’s not limited to other big commercial operators. It could be startups, co-ops, small community groups, church groups, the Boy Scouts, whoever. 

Thoughts on the future of the web

As a piece from a for-profit company, I think there’s a tremendous amount of bias toward markets in these approaches to solving internet problems, but the analysis that ending the concentration of power on the internet and having legislative solutions that make sense and work across the world is important.

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