City23 – The Goblin City – Days 46 – 60

I have continued to add pieces to The Goblin City every day as part of my City23 project but I’m more than a hundred days behind on collecting them. I’ll start to catch up with digests now.
Cotton candy being spun.

I have continued to add pieces to The Goblin City every day as part of my City23 project but I’m more than a hundred days behind on collecting them. I’ll start to catch up with digests now.

Honif’s Mobile Cotton Candy

The goblin Honif drives a bicycle-based cotton candy machine to neighbourhoods, attractions and events across the city. She is known to infuse her cotton candy with surprising flavours and to use a wide range of colours. Her cotton candy is a decadent treat that draws crowds wherever she sets up her shop.


Honif dresses in pastel colours that mimic her cotton candy creations. A typical outfit includes a long dress, light scarves, a small hat, and running shoes. She is almost always found with her cotton candy machine, which she will often repaint with new designs. In quiet moments she will be spotted reading on her tablet.

Table of Honif’s Mobile Cotton Candy Flavours

  1. Lychee
  2. Maple
  3. Vanilla
  4. Lime
  5. Blueberry
  6. Strawberry
  7. Mango
  8. Pistachio
  9. Chili
  10. Chocolate
  11. Lemon
  12. Birch Beer

Ziob’s Martial Arts Complex

East of The Hospital is a large campus that houses 20 buildings used for martial arts training. With a history stretching back more than a century, Ziob’s Martial Arts Complex is run by a council of leaders from many martial arts traditions, including traditional goblin martial arts and those from other cultures.
The founding of the complex by a goblin martial artist who promoted cooperation between disciplines was an important event in the history of the city as a whole, as it led to an end of significant conflicts which once disrupted life in the city.
Potential students can find teachers available to discuss which tradition would be a good fit for them and initiate enrollment in training in a central square.


Coppercorn is a goblin artist known for her murals. She can be found traveling the city either seeking out walls she can gain permission to paint on or accepting invitations to paint. She will often fixate on people she meets just before painting and will ask if they’ll be the subject of her next mural.
Coppercorn has messy brown hair and invariably wears baggy, paint splattered clothing.
Coppercorn is often spotted walking about with her best friend Freliosi, and likewise knows a large number of people across the city. She has contagious positivity and will be spotted at events, celebrations or lending a hand in times of trouble.
Coppercorn carries prints and books with photos of her murals in a large bag that also holds her painting supplies.

Waves Tattoo Shop

Tucked away in an alley in The Old Port Waterfront is a small tattoo shop that has been providing services for decades. The artist Verx currently runs the shop and is considered one of the best tattoo artists in the city. His ornamental and minimalist works are his best regarded pieces and the biggest draws for the shop. Three other artists regularly work in the shop, allowing for many styles to be provided.


Verx has a love of nautical aesthetics, and is always wearing a grey sailor cap and a t-shirt with a nautical design. A lighthouse tattoo is prominent on his left forearm.
Verx usually inks thick lines and favours minimalistic designs. He will be more enthusiastic about a design if a nautical element is incorporated.


Eafza commutes to the tattoo shop from a farm outside the city and her overalls and boots reflect her pastoral roots. She’ll often wear exaggeratedly rustic accessories and is fond of sporting a straw hat inside. Her messy, curly hair often gets in the way if she’s not wearing the hat. Sleeves of flower tattoos cover her arms.

Her tattoo work usually has fine lines and watercolour styles. She is fond of scenes from nature and rural life, and has memorized countless plants she can draw from memory.


The centaur Vyc has a big presence even if his physical size is ignored. His upper body is covered in geometric tattoos and he wears a brightly coloured blanket on his equine back. When he’s in the tattoo shop, he warmly greets patrons when they enter.
Vyc specializes in geometric and traditional centaur designs. He also uses experimental and magical inks, including glowing, animated, warming and strengthening inks.


The elven tattoo artist Ash-Ann is always wearing black dresses and their exacting makeup work is eye-catching. Their tattoo portfolio is heavy on pop culture and comics-inspired works, and their skill imitating line styles is well regarded. Ash-Ann is also a comics creator and in down time will be spotted working on comics.

Avin the Games Seller

The orc Avin travels the city with a large pack filled with small card and board games, ready to demonstrate and distribute games. His passion for games is contagious and he cycles through his selection to match events and seasons. He will direct to game shops with recommendations for larger games. Avin’s bright red cloak with a large embroidered die make him immediately recognizable.

That Hill

Tucked away on a street crowded with houses on The Winter Plateau is a hill that locals just call That Hill. It is a favourite spot for sledding and is daily filled with children using every imaginable sled or alternative to slide down. The magical winter keeps a steady blanket of snow on the hill.

The Runners Collective

Groups of runners can be spotted on streets and pathways around the city. A locally developed app is used by members of the collective to provide running companionship and to facilitate services to the city by runners. Runners can opt in to return library books, deliver messages or packages, check on conditions in parts of the city, or spread fliers, among other tasks. Weekly meetups at The Commons lead to group runs through the city.

The Library of Treasured Reads

On The Paths of Rest & Motion, and along the edge of The Towers District is an old stone tower that has been converted into a special memorial to compliment the walls along the paths. Each person interred in the cemetery walls can have a favourite book designated to the library, which will ensure a copy is available to borrow.

The Comic Nest

Fittingly located at the base of The Roost Cliffs, The Comic Nest is the best known comic shop in the city. The staff puts in particular efforts to stock comics from around the world, and are often working to track down uncommon issues. The shop does have comics from big publishers, but self published and small press comics get promotional priority. Staff members can offer advice for choosing among the comics.

Photo by Brandi Alexandra on Unsplash

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