Lore24 – The Goblin City – Days 50-56

I have been adding some stranger bits to the city this week.
Picked red raspberries.

I have been adding some stranger bits to the city this week.

The Moss Orbs

A group of wizards in The Bubbles have developed a variant of the typical magical bubbles used to build homes in the neighborhood that are covered by mosses on external and internal surfaces. These moss bubbles have special methods of ingress and egress that create oval openings that do not disrupt the moss.

The Doppelganger Mirrors

Deep in The Underground is an otherwise unadorned cave with three huge mirrors positioned so that only one can be faced at a time. Each mirror has been enchanted so that an alternative version of anyone looking in the mirror will be temporarily created. These fleeting doppelgangers can be interacted with as though they were real people. Some visitors find it beneficial to interact with a version of themselves and return often.

The Creeping Grass

Grass lawns are now rare in the city, but there have been reported sightings of animated grasses with bipedal forms moving about in alleys or hiding in out of the way places. Encounters with the grass people are described as eerie and disturbing.

The Clockwork Crickets

A wizard long ago created hundreds of automatons that resemble crickets and can be found scattered around the city. Each of the devices plays a music box-like song, with many popular songs arranged for a single use. Since they are not capable of locomotion, people will often move the automatons to locations where they would like to hear particular songs, making for a shifting, subtle soundscape.

The Berry Tangle

One remarkable project in The Growing Streets is a dense structure covered in cane berry varieties. Raspberries, blackberries, golden raspberries, and purple raspberries are grown in stunning vertical rows around a squat tower and harvested for fresh and processed consumption.

The Web Apartments

Between five exceptionally large trees in The Treehome Neighbourhood is an apartment complex held above the forest floor by magical webs maintained by gigantic spiders. The apartments are complete with all the expected amenities, and their interiors are unremarkable by default, but the view of the web building and unusual location attract residents with an affinity for spiders.

The Shy Snail Inn

A worn old building with greyed wooden siding in The Old Port Waterfront is home to a small inn that features fully antique furnishings, with a heavy focus on driftwood pieces. A purple and green sign with a painted snail peaking out of its shell above the door is the only indicator of the cozy, inviting interior. Innkeeper Melon takes pride in keeping her inn as authentic as possible, but makes alterations to increase accessibility.

Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

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