Lore24 – The Goblin City – Days 134-140

I had to do some catch-up this week to add some oddities to the city and wrapped up my little snail theme.
A close-up shot of fried noodles.

I had to do some catch-up this week to add some oddities to the city and wrapped up my little snail theme.

The Candy Cane Snail of Treehome

A gigantic candy cane snail with glowing, colour-changing stripes lives in a particularly old and towering giant tree in The Treehome Neighbourhood. It is known to enjoy singing and will descend from its tree to experience musical performances up close.

The Ghostly Cave Snail of The Underground

A mystery snail might live in The Featherfall Lake, but far below it in The Underground lurks a transparent, eerie giant snail with a glass-like shell and a body with visible organs. This snail’s telepathic communication is known to be unsettling and it’s knowledge of the lives of people on the surface is uncanny.

The Violet Snail at the ‘Port

People arriving to the city at the ‘port might witness the shocking sight of a gigantic snail with a purple shell floating on the surface of the water with buoyancy provided by countless magic bubbles. This snail is known to strike up telepathic conversations with visitors from far away and has a keen interest in the wider world.

The High Noodle Shop

An unassuming cave near the top of The Roost Cliffs holds a cozy restaurant specializing in fried noodles. The dishes served here are known to be sweet and savoury, and the use of vegetables sourced from The Growing Streets ensures freshness in every meal. The observation elevator that provides access to the cave provides a stunning view of the surrounding city, so many diners eat at the restaurant as part of a larger experience.

The Cell Witch

On the fourth floor of The Mall is a cellphone repair and enchantment shop run by the goblin witch Emerald. She uses her magic to both repair broken phones and also to enchant phones. Some of her enhancements include levitating phones that are particularly prized for taking selfies, and magical protections that ensure phones can not be damaged.

The Soft Surreal

Near the western entrance of The Mall is a small jazz club, with a modest stage and a dining area known for exceptional mushroom dishes. Residencies at the club host combos that draw patrons night after night, and showing up early is often necessary to be able to enter for performances.

Taffy Bridge

One bridge crossing Slow Snake River in The Growing Streets has remarkable magical properties. This bridge can change its width, height, and appearance to accommodate river traffic, bridge traffic, or festivals of any kind. The malleable structure is controlled by a wizard attendant at all hours of the day to ensure its utility is maintained and safety preserved.

Photo by ikhsan baihaqi on Unsplash

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