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  • Not an imaginary story! Can @apolloguru flee from being eaten by the obnoxious reference interview?

  • Fantastic! @apolloguru and the obsolete technology of wickedness!

  • A complete story! @apolloguru takes a break and goes for a walk.

  • Wonderful! The well-respected @apolloguru in a final showdown with the Vendor Vandal in the jungle’s teen zone!

  • Incredible! @philshapiro meets @apolloguru in the journey to find the horrendous interlibrary loan!

  • Not again! Does @apolloguru dare to enter the makerspace of dread?

  • Back at last! @shines meets @apolloguru in the pursuit of the eerie digitization project!

  • The shocking conclusion! @apolloguru and the Catalogue Kid in the adventure of the nasty obsolete technology!

  • Don’t miss it! @apolloguru and the weeded book of misery!

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  • Amazing! Can @apolloguru evade being being overpowered by the shocking data management plan?

  • The ultimate showdown! @apolloguru and the Vendor Vandal in the hunt for the shameful broken printer!

  • Incredible! @apolloguru vs. the Vendor Vandal in the hunt for the dreadful special collection!

  • Could it be? @apolloguru vs. Hypatia Lorde, Library Scientist, in the journey to find the detestable obsolete technology!

  • Jeepers! @dothenextthing meets @apolloguru in the expedition to find the cruel self-checkout machine!

  • Wow! The inspiring @apolloguru confronts Bill B. O’Tecke in the school library!

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