Marikina Oddities

We’re staying in the city of Marikina, and it’s full of so many sights. Christmas lights, junk art Predator, statues, and weird Jolibee dance moves were ones I was able to snap photos of, but there is so much more to see here.

Marikina Breakfast

I’m enjoying my first breakfast since arriving back in Manila. Pan de sal and coco jam are wonderful. I’m never sold on instant coffee, but the mug is great (wall).

Oddities in Guangzhou

The wait in Guangzhou has been enjoyable. We spotted a ferny wall, a festive astronaut,and a weird robot before settling in for food. What could be better than mountain wild rice noodles with fungus + cola.

Waiting for a Flight

Tonet and I are waiting in Halifax for our flight to Toronto. Then we’ll be off to Guangzhou Baiyun and then Manilla. I’m excited for the journey.