“What is for the public good?”

One of the sights in downtown Dartmouth that should catch every eye are the words “What is for the public good?” on the wall of Celtic Corner. They are words taken from a speech Joseph Howe gave as he defended himself against a charge of libel for exposing corruption in local government and law enforcement. What constitutes social justice and the public good has grown since his time, but the words matter today just as much.

Drinking Mural

Saturday I began the Zombies, Run! Fall 2016 Virtual Race along a waterfront trail in Dartmouth. At that spot there’s a great drinking mural and it was surrounded by a puddle that gave me the impression of the giant person having dipped the mug in.

Jumping for Nocturne

Saturday night I went out with Tonet, Meredith and Jessie for Halifax’s Nocturne, a fantastic showcase of art across the city. There were some wonderful pieces, including a giant robot that could be manipulated, a weird peep show, music and light displays, projections onto buildings, VR experiences and an endless cycle race. But this one moment of Tonet and Meredith jumping was the most whimsical thing I captured.

Woman and Whales Graffiti

Along the path that follows past the canal and along the train tracks and waterfront in Dartmouth there are some fantastic pieces of graffiti and wall art. This is one of my favourites.

Project 365 – May 2013

I took a photo every day for a year and I’m very glad I did so. It has brought insight and fun along with a record of my year.

When I started Project 365 I was looking forward to working with the limitations of my phone’s camera. A lot of the shots are not as clear as they would be if I had used a camera with an optical zoom, but even more of them would never have been captured without having my phone with me. Maybe by the time my second year of Project 365 has finished I’ll have migrated to Google Glass.

The full gallery for May is at Project 365 – May 2013.

Finally, here’s a collage with the photos I took during the last year.

Project 365 – April 2013

April was the eleventh month of taking photos each day for me. With improved weather I was outside more and enjoying the city coming to life. I’ve become comfortable with taking photos all the time and will be looking for new ways to take photos over the next month so that I can do a second year of Project 365 with a different focus.

The full gallery is at Project 365 – April 2013.