Karl Marx in Teen Vogue

On May 10th, Teen Vogue published “Who Is Karl Marx: Meet the Anti-Capitalist Scholar“, a fairly light look at Marx and his ideas. After the dissonance of the fact that this publication is presenting Marx in a positive light fades, there’s actually some good to be found here.

You may have come across communist memes on social media. The man, the meme, the legend behind this trend is Karl Marx, who developed the theory of communism, which advocates for workers’ control over their labor (instead of their bosses). The political philosopher turned 200-years-old on May 5, but his ideas can still teach us about the past and present.
The famed German co-authored The Communist Manifesto with fellow scholar Friedrich Engels in 1848, a piece of writing that makes the case for the political theory of socialism — where the community (rather than rich people) have ownership and control over their labor — which later inspired millions of people to resist oppressive political leaders and spark political revolutions all over the world. Although Marx was raised in a middle-class family, he later became a scholar who struggled to make ends meet — a working-class man, he thought, who could take part in a political revolution.

“When I teach Marx, it’s got a lot to do with questions of how to think critically about history. Marx says we live under capitalism [but] capitalism has not always existed,” Ciccariello-Maher tells Teen Vogue. “It’s something that came into being and something that, as a result, just on a logical level, could disappear, could be overthrown, could be abolished, could be irrelevant. There’s this myth of the free market, but Marx shows very clearly that capitalism emerged through a state of violence.”

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Zombies, Run! Season 7, Missions 1-6

Zombies, Run! season 7 started with a surprising disappointment for me. In season 6 the villains were fascists and there were moments with great lines and heartening stances; the game had never been better. The latest season begins with the setup of a cannibal anarchist biker gang as an antagonistic faction. It’s a frustrating, misguided choice that confuses the political stance opposing coercion and advocating for stateless societies with an ethos of coercive violence.

SAM YAO: Oh, yeah. Well, Just to share intel between settlements, rumors, that kind of thing. A lot of it turns out to be nothing, but this… well, they’re saying Sigrid had a deal. She just didn’t bother them, and they kept their murder/cannibal stuff north of Thwaite. Since she fell, well, they’ve got ambitious. If you can call anarchists ambitious.

This peace conference is supposed to bring people together, to work out how we’re going to organize the country now Sigrid’s gone. So obviously, they want to sabotage it.

Season 7, Mission 1: Sorry For Party Rocking

On into the sixth mission, the confusion continues:

SAM YAO: Well, yeah. Well, more like out of the sadistic anarchist cult, into the jaws of the undead, but yeah. She didn’t want to infect anyone, so she’s waiting in the woods. You should have time to get the cure to her.

Season 7, Mission 6: Sleep When I’m Dead

I’m hopeful the story will correct this big initial misstep as it continues, but for me this initial batch of missions have been disappointing pieces of writing from Naomi Alderman, an author who has often impressed me (The Power is excellent).

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Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

In episode 195 of Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men, “Professor” was finally revealed as Ship and I finally got a shout out from the Angry Claremontian Narrator on my favourite podcast!

For those of you who don’t know, Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men is “a weekly podcast where we walk you through the convoluted continuity of our favorite superhero soap opera!” In essence, they explore X-Men and the wider Marvel mutant mess with a critical eye and an appropriate levity. I’m always eager for each week’s episode because they are uniformly so damn good.

“Daunted by complex chronologies? Terrified by time travel? Confounded by clones? We are here for you. We have trained intensively for this responsibility for decades. We have the backissues, the calluses, and a really detailed map of the Summers family tree.” – Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men Patreon

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Zombies, Run! 2018 April 14

This morning I ran the second training mission for the Spring 2018 Virtual Race from Zombies, Run! I’m looking forward to running the 5K and 10K races starting next weekend and hope to bring my pace down a bit when I do. I’ve always enjoyed the extra effort that goes into the stories for the virtual races, and, while this one hasn’t grabbed my interest in the way others have, I’m hoping for something that lives up to the standards set by the other races.

We’ve had a report from our friends in London: the Crown Jewels have been stolen under the cover of the zombie apocalypse! You’ve been recruited to the Queen’s Own Royal Guards: Tactical Zombie Division, along with Commander Sara Smith – Runner 8.

Runner 5, we need you to catch the thieves and discover what else they’re planning…

Join thousands of runners worldwide in a high-tech, story-driven running adventure. You choose the distance. You choose the route. We make it a mission.




Consentacle is a card game that uses consent as a central part of the game. The card art is stunning, the mechanics are polished and the game’s purpose is perfectly realized. The game places players in the role of sexual partners trying to communicate desire, foster trust and achieve satisfaction together. The science fiction theme of a human and alien having a romantic encounter is appealing to a speculative fiction enthusiast like myself, but the game play is good enough to be rewarding even if that isn’t a draw.

Consentacle is a game where you and a partner help a tentacled alien and a curious human have a mutually satisfying romantic encounter.

In Consentacle, you and a partner squirm your way to a mutually satisfying Human x Alien romance… with or without the benefit of verbal communication! You’ll need to divine the other’s desires in order to build trust, play your cards right, and transform mutual trust into starry satisfaction. How tingly will your interplanetary liaison feel in the end? Will your encounter leave one party sweaty and exhausted, the other hungering for more? It’s up to the two of you to find out… together!


Part Time UFO

Part Time UFO is a fun and whimsical mobile game. It was developed by HAL Laboratory, the group behind the Nintendo games Kirby and BoxBoy!, and the same high level of polish and love of quirky environments shines through in this game. It’s an intuitively controlled puzzle game that offers a generous learning curve and lots of delightful surprises. This game is a smile-inducing, head-shaking wonder.

Part Time UFO is available for Android and iOS.