In Dartmouth and Halifax we have some stunning murals, and I am capturing some as I spot them. It’s so easy to overlook things we pass every day, but I’m trying to see these with fresh eyes.

Gottingen Sights

Coming back to my home city after being away for five weeks has me looking around with fresh eyes. I want to be a bit more proactive in capturing some of the unusual things surrounding me and as I walked near my home today down Gottingen Street I made sure to take shots of two spots I appreciate.

Leyla McCalla – Money is King

Ahead of the new album The Capitalist Blues being released next week, Leyla McCalla has a video for the song “Money is King”. It and the album’s title track are moving folk songs with an unwavering sense of social justice.

Magikarp Capsule

While in Makati I got one other Pokémon capsule from a vending machine. This one was a licensed Magikarp charm.

Pokeball Capsules

On Marikina I spotted a coin vending machine that had Pokéball capsules for 5 pisos. They’re almost certainly unauthorized, and held toys and stickers that were close to the real thing.

Pokémon Adventures 03

I’ve been enjoying picking up the Pokemon Adventures manga when I have down time, and it only got better for the third volume. The pacing is very brisk, with exciting character moments, pivotal battles and heartfelt pronouncements about the power of friendship.

A Brief Stop in Guangzhou

We had a short layover in Guangzhou, with enough time to sit down for a nice meal at Jardin De Jade. We each ordered a combo of vegetable salad, boiled veggie and buns stuffed with black mushrooms and vegetables. The descriptions and even menu photos didn’t do justice to the quality and quantity that arrived. The meal was delicious and filling. The Longjing (dragon well) tea was also excellent.