Pokeball Capsules

On Marikina I spotted a coin vending machine that had Pokéball capsules for 5 pisos. They’re almost certainly unauthorized, and held toys and stickers that were close to the real thing.

Pokémon Adventures 03

I’ve been enjoying picking up the Pokemon Adventures manga when I have down time, and it only got better for the third volume. The pacing is very brisk, with exciting character moments, pivotal battles and heartfelt pronouncements about the power of friendship.

Crystal Flights II

I continued my play through of Pokémon Crystal on two flights and some long journeys through heavy traffic. The game continued to be engaging and I was able to make my way through Johto, collecting the 8 badges and besting the elite four. I then played through the first two gyms in Kanto. I’ll likely play during my flights home and be done.

Back in Marikina

Last night we arrived back in Marikina and this morning I went out to run and walk around. There are always new side streets and surprising spots to find. I learned there is a House of Unicorns Cafe here!

I had to do some searching, but I did find one more Pokémon straw, this time of Froakie, but I may never have Chespin to be able to slurp through each of the gen 6 starters.

Pokemon Adventures 02

When it rains and during other down time, I’ve continued reading Pokémon Adventures. The second volume is a lot stronger than the first. The characters are more fleshed out and the story diverges from the games in ways that keep things interesting. The art continues to be a great match for this story, with great expressions and action that is full of energy but easy to follow.

Another Run

It was great to get out for a run through Marikina Heights again today. There’s nothing quite like running through an unfamiliar place; being alert and wide eyed for new sights is such a great feeling.

Statues, murals and wall art continue to be delights. Near where I am staying is a piece featuring interesting characters I don’t recognize. A little further away is a dancing statue.

The highlight, though, was a long mural featuring mermaids and dolphins. It has definitely seen better days, but it is still stunning.

I think finishing my runs with a metal straw as a reward should be my habit while I’m here. Today I got a Pikachu cup and a Fennekin straw to rehydrate with.

Pokémon Adventures 01

It’s a very rainy day here, so I gave in to my very strong Pokémon nostalgia and read the first volume of the Pokémon Adventures manga. The comics are one of the blindspots in my knowledge of the franchise, so it was fun to experience something familiar but new to me.

Like the games, and unlike the anime, the story follows Red as he journeys from Pallett Town and seeks to complete a Pokédex and become a Pokémon master. Red isn’t so different from Ash, but the story does enough different from the anime’s first season to keep things interesting. Zombie Pokémon was a nice surprise.

The art is typically bold and expressive, and brings the characters to life in a way even the anime doesn’t really match.

I’m not sure I’ll dive in and read the other 50+ volumes, but it was fun to start in on the series. I’ve heard good things about it as a whole, so maybe it’ll be a rainy day comfort again.

Pikachu Straw

The Philippines are getting the Pokémon the Series: XY anime this month, and 7-Eleven stores have a promotion with metal Pokémon straws. When I finished running and wanted some Gatorade, I stopped in to get one. They’re good quality straws, and are in blind bags. I lucked out and got a Pikachu. It’ll live in my bag as my go to reusable straw.

Crystal Flights

For my flights earlier this week, I decided to play through Pokémon Crystal again. I enjoyed revisiting Kanto in Let’s Go Eevee, so I wanted to experience Johto again too.

On the short flight to Toronto I was able to only make it to completing the first gym because I was slowed by Chikorita’s type disadvantage.

I had a much longer flight from Toronto to Guangzhou, and was able to capture 2 more badges between sleeping periods. I enjoyed slowly shaping a team and exploring the region.

My final flight from Guangzhou to Manilla gave me enough time to get one more badges and be close to the mid point of Johto. I’ll have a couple flights in the Philippines coming up after Christmas, and then my flights home, so I expect I’ll finish the main part of the game by the time I return home.

The 3DS is still a great system to travel with and I’ve enjoyed the smaller, simpler experience this game offers as a virtual console game. It’s remarkable how much story and life was able to be created with the limited Game Boy Color hardware; I’ve been more engaged than I expected to be.