Another Run

It was great to get out for a run through Marikina Heights again today. There’s nothing quite like running through an unfamiliar place; being alert and wide eyed for new sights is such a great feeling.

Statues, murals and wall art continue to be delights. Near where I am staying is a piece featuring interesting characters I don’t recognize. A little further away is a dancing statue.

The highlight, though, was a long mural featuring mermaids and dolphins. It has definitely seen better days, but it is still stunning.

I think finishing my runs with a metal straw as a reward should be my habit while I’m here. Today I got a Pikachu cup and a Fennekin straw to rehydrate with.

Walking Marikina Heights

Today was the first day since arriving in the Philippines that I’ve been able to go out for a walk and run without some errand or objective, so I relished the chance to go exploring the streets in Marikina Heights.

I’m always keeping my eyes open for interesting art and statues here, and I was finally able to capture some I passed many times. At a small park there is a herd of cattle statues. At The Galleria there are fun scrap statues. Scattered around are other small pieces.

Around the Ayala mall is a series of statues in tribute to workers, from drivers to gunsmiths to sweepers.

Run – 2018 September 8

This morning it was just a week until I run a marathon, so I went out for a long run again. Next week will demand a push, but I’m getting accustomed to the kind of endurance it will take.

I ended my run at the Central Library and then enjoyed seeing some flowers at the Public Gardens. This time of year is when the Gardens are most exciting.

Weekend Runs – 2018 September 1 & 2

It has been a great weekend for running. The forerunner cool ahead of Autumn arrived with September, so heating from the run hasn’t been as pronounced.

Saturday I was able to have a faster run and today I ran out the Chain of Lakes Trail and on to the Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea Trail. The latter trail is beautiful and I would like to do a longer run out it soon.

Sunday 20K

I ran 20km from my home in Halifax, across the bridge, through Dartmouth and out to Eastern Passage this morning. It was my longest run in nearly 2 years and I was happy with it even though my pace was higher than I am used to. I plan to take longer runs like this to prepare for the marathon I’ll be running in September.

It was nice to go past some unusual sights for this run, including the odd pig on a bench in the photo on this post.

Run – 2018 August 5

I spent the weekend working from my couch, so runs to start my Saturday and end my Sunday were essential. It felt so good to get out running tonight and move after staring at a screen so long. My weekend pace below 5:00 held even though I felt a bit sluggish at first.

Run – 2018 July 15

I’ve been happy with my weekend runs. I’ve been able to maintain a pace below 5:00 fairly regularly since switching to forefoot running, and I’m feeling good about ramping up ahead of running a marathon for the first time in September.

Run – 2018 June 16 & 17

I enjoyed two runs through great weather this weekend, heading in opposite directions from my home. Saturday’s run took me past a beautiful piece of art on the side of an apartment building I hadn’t noticed before. Today my focus was again on building forefoot habits, and I was able to lock in the pace below 5 minutes.

Run – 2018 June 10

I had another sub-5 pace run this morning toward Point Pleasant Park. Forefoot running has been good for my times so far and it feels like I’m gaining strength. It doesn’t hurt that I’m running after beautiful views.