Good Days and Flowers

Today has been very nice so far. Work was one of the best working days so far this year. I planted some of the $400 starting budget of flowers, and my perennials are abloom now. The gounds are starting to look as I would like them. Lots of pink flowers, and an explosion of color in the petunias… Even one of the trees has beautiful white flowers! It was sunny and breezy… Just a wonderful day to be outside working. Yes, I even stopped to smell the flowers (sadly my roses are not out yet though). After work when I got the mail I discovered the expected package from my lovely silly disciple, Wanda (). She send me a cool mixed CD (that I haven’t heard yet) and the amazing debut album from The Thorns called, appropriately enough, The Thorns. 😀 Man, this CD is beautiful… perfect harmonies and the songgwriting/voices of Matthew Sweet and Shawn Mullins, two of my music heros. You all need this album! Thanks so much! You fucking rule!!! I’ll have your CD’s in the mail soon. I hope you’ll understand that I was a bit distracted the past couple days. Oh, you all should also pick up Matthew Sweet‘s greatest hits album, Time Capsule.

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