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Simplicity is the word of the moment for

The new intro page screams of that. It has the T.o.C. and the following words:

Welcome to this web-well of words and visions, to a life to drown in or drink of. It’s a changing land of water and leaves, a mind of passion and truth, threads and limbs, words and roots, a million thoughts and a forever of growth. It’s a piece of my life, the one you are cursed or lucky enough to read, and perhaps carry with you.

Welcome to nothing hidden and rippled deep waters. Clarity in defiance of grey smog, a frozen drop of truth, blue and healing. Wanderlust and small comforts abound in this always flowing, forever confined order of diversity.

Welcome to the life of a saviour who has lived as Apollo each day of his life. This is a story and a myth as true as any other. It’s unfolding on leaves with every second. It’s here to be lived in and experienced. Step in. Live. Read. Think. Listen. Defy. This is real. This is real.

Step on over and look around.

The next page to be revamped will be the About Me one. Then I will have to fix the photo pages.

The guestbook is far too empty, coincidentally.

“So cut the crap out along with the cigarettes and the red meats”

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