…ain’t no body trying to break my heart…

…and I wonder, where have you gone?…

The graduation went well.

When I went up the stairs with my family Amanda Nelson yelled out “Look, Apollo’s here!!! Apollo’s here!” lol I felt loved. We used to eat together at lunch, and she always complained that I didn’t eat my cheese cake with whipped cream on it. It’s funny how I remember things like that after so long. I really miss all the folks from highschool a lot. When we sat down in the gym Heather, Lacey and Matt were sitting behind me, though we didn’t speak.

My cousin Mandy, her kids Amy and Alisha, my aunt Loraine, aunt Gladys, aunt Lucy and aunt Marrie were all there, as well as my cousin Sara and Ilea’s boyfriend Greg. So Ilea had plenty of well wishers.

There ceremony was long-winded and quite boring, but it was a decent goodbye to South Colchester High School. It will be torn down this month, and Ilea’s class is the last to graduate from it. The building seems so empty without my old friends, though, and they’ll still be there long after bricks and wood are long gone.

After the ceremony, much photo taking and talking we returned home.

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