[Q + A] June 10, 2002

[Q + A] x 2

(“Soundtrack Of My Life” & “5’s”)

OPENING CREDITS: Collective Soul – The World I Know

WAKING UP SCENE: Collective Soul – Heaven’s Already Here (for the “Wake up to a new morning, got my babe by my side, and I won’t yeild to new warnings for I’ve got my peace of mind” opening)

CAR DRIVING SCENES: Tom Cochrane – Life Is A Highway


NOSTALGIC SCENES: Tom Cochrane & Red Rider – Good Times (accoustic version)

BITTER/ANGER SCENES: Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet With Butterfly Wings

MAD AT FRIENDS SCENES: Scratching Post – Nothing Left To Die For

BREAKUP SCENES: Swirl 360 – Okay

REGRET SCENE: Aqua – Turn Back Time

NIGHTCLUB/BAR SCENES: Elastica – Mad Dog God Dam

FIGHT/ACTION SCENES: Marilyn Manson – Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth

SAD/BREAKDOWN SCENES: Conjure One + Jeff Martin – Premonition

SCARY SCENES: Collide – Razor Sharp

DEATH SCENES: Our Lady Peace – Thief

FUNERAL SCENES: Collective Soul – Maybe

CHEER UP SCENES: Conjure One + Poe – Center of the Sun

MELLOW SCENES: Strawberry – In 2 or 3

DREAM ABOUT SOMEONE SCENES: Chantal Kreviazuk – In This Life

FALLING IN LOVE SCENE: Live – Dance With You

SEX SCENES: Delerium – Flowers Become Screens


CHASE/HURRY SCENES: Brokeheart – A New Age

HAPPY LOVE SCENES: Lisa Loeb – Garden of Delights

HAPPY FRIENDS SCENES: The Thorns – I Set The World On Fire

CLOSING CREDITS: Tea Party – Heaven’s Coming Down


Five details about your appearance right now.

[x] I’m clean, for I just had a bath.

[x] My hair is straight and combed.

[x] I’m wearing PJ’s

[x] I have bare feet.

[x] I’m clean shaven.

Five things you did today.

[x] Worked.

[x] Ate.

[x] Read.

[x] Bathed.

[x] Listened to music.

Five things that everyone should know about you.

[x] I’m completely in love with Ashley.

[x] I’m open-minded.

[x] I’m always willing to listen.

[x] I love music.

[x] I hug streetlights. 😉

Five groups/artists you listened to yesterday.

[x] Poe

[x] The Thorns

[x] Molly Zenobia

[x] Zwan

[x] Matthew Sweet

Five things that make you happy.

[x] Ashley

[x] My friends

[x] Music

[x] Books

[x] Nature

Five things that disgust you.

[x] Politicians

[x] The Rich

[x] Violence

[x] Apathy

[x] Ignorance

Five things you can’t live without.

[x] My friends

[x] Music

[x] Books

[x] Nature

[x] Food

Five things you’ll do when you complete this.

[x] Think

[x] Listen to music

[x] Read

[x] Reply to some e-mails

[x] Hope I can talk to Ashley tonight

Five things you feel right now.

[x] Worried

[x] Tired

[x] Empathetic

[x] Hopeful

[x] Unsure

[Music: Matthew Good Band – The Rat Who Would be King]

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