…To America We Go…

Phones ring too often when I’m home alone. I swear that damn black cordless has broken my peace at least a dozen times.

Work was bland… the weather especially so. Of course as soon as I came home it would have to clear off and be nice out.

I’m writing this in proxy in the computer room so I can look out the window and answer that damn phone if it rings again.

The chair, at the very least, is comfortable. It’s a big orange swivel chair that has amazing balance. I can lean back nearly horizontal and it stays up. Quality stuff, and it was bought for under $20 at Value Village. Old chairs are quality.

Ever wonder what I would do with $1,000,000?

I would buy a good sized (many acres) of forest and coast land. Then I’d take a section near the water and build a nice large home with plenty of rooms for any and all of my friends to move on in. I’d spend the rest of my life making sure the beaches and forests were in good shape, building trails and gardens, spending time with family and writing. With the occasional saving the world adventure thrown in, of course. Mostly I’d share my wealth with the people closest to me, and also put it towards causes I believe in.

Now you know.

I haven’t used a typewriter in ages. I remember a couple that used to be in the house. I wish we still had one just so I could try it out. What promted that thought? I have a Buck 65 wallpaper that has a Buck 65 typewriter on it.

Speaking of Mr. Rich Terfry, I can’t wait to have his single for “Wicked and Weird” that included the b-side “What’s Wrong With That?”. I adore both songs. His new album should be out soon too, and any new installment in the Language Arts series will be glorious and full of goodness.

I need to see a concert mighty bad. It’s been quite some time since the last one I was able to see. I’ve been thinking of the festivals I’ve been to and I’m feeling some strong nostalgia. Edgefest and Summersault are two I still have in my head showing quite vividly. I wish I could see Our Lady Peace, Buck 65, Foo Fighters, Tegan and Sara and a ton of other bands again.

You know, “Everyone’s A Junkie” by OLP sounded so much cooler when they played it live before the Spiritual Machines album was finished.

If only the concert on the hill had more bands I want to see I’d be there later this month.

The phone has been surprisingly silent while I’ve been writing this. Only one call.

The book I’m currently reading is The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Morgawr by Terry Brooks. I’ve been really enjoying it so far. It’s odd how I need time away from the Shannara books in order to read the next book in the series. For most series it’s not like that for me. The book is extra special because Terry signed it for me, of course. 😉

“Advertising On Police Cars” is a chilling and prophetic song by Matthew Good. The most frightening thing is that in some cities in the US, police have already sold out to big corporations and feature advertising and company logos on their cars. Makes you wonder who’s in control of our “democratic” societies.

There’s so much to do and so little time and resources.

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