Poems [2003]

Two-Thousand and Three

(a jest, or call to arms?)

In two-thousand and three

My disciples and I

Let loose the prophecy

Tear down the lies

And set the peoples free

First we make the bells ring

Draw some eyes on high

Let our true voices sing

To crumble pillars

And topple the false king

Armies of real compassion

Gather up in all lands

Dressed in our anti-fashion

To stand before the gates

Retrieve our proper ration

We will scream as we need

No liar and fool can silence

Our stolen rights shall be freed

No more slave-nations then

We’ll be free from high greed

Discard the apathy

Remove the dark blind-folds

Open closed eyes and see

Take back the world we’ve lost

In two-thousand and three


At This Moment

I can not be defined

By the limited words

Of false kings

And thier puppeteers

I’m here in my shadow-cloth

With bloody locks and blue sight

Walking with the blind some

As I listen to true voices

All true things echo Love

In real creation there is

The root of deep truth and life

And life’s nothing when lacking Love

But the false ones still claim

Behind their lies, that what we need

Is fear and anger, gold and hate

That we must buy all from them

The coins I hold, I earn

And I give them up

Only for what matters

Never filled with fear I must

Paths abound around me

And I’m inspecting each

For the prints of the false

And eyeing solid woods

I seek a way to gather up

All the good I feel in threads

To protect the love I hold

From the lies and murders

I don’t fight fear with fear

Except the kings may feel terror

As I speak the truth divine

It’s my hope they’ll crumble some

No one will kill for me

Lives are not for spilling

Even in a world of gold-tongued death

And angry childern playing king

I stand outside a war

And I just try to take down

The liars and murderers

Casting their dry stones

My arsenal lives in my voice

But I use it with care

For I could aid liars

With one quiet breath

My weapons are words

Sharp edged and true

I won’t breathe out again

The grey lie-clouds I hear

I’m like a ageless maple

Cleaning the air of poisions

Spread by the same fools

Fueling their hot anger

I give back only clean air

Truth ungreyed by smoke

Crisp and cooling it flows

Out in a slow web of minds

I’ll stand firm all I can

As I walk my gypsy life

For I’m a child of the moon

Seeking blue-green earth visions

For if I can touch with blue

Some minds that can almost see

It’s as little as my soul expects

From one who knows enough

Some sparks in this web

Light the lies and help the dim

While others light forest fires

As long as they aren’t in their woods

I choose to be a light now

Much as the cool moon is

High above us looking down

Into the shadows, good and not

From each seed I plant

On the wind-soil around

One chance of more leaves spreading

Is not lied to grey dust


Empire’s Nightmare

Every time I turn around

You’re there egging on the violence

You sold your souls cheap

Now you help the lost to rot ours

Nations are fallen below

Grey clouds fill the empirical skies

Smoke from buring love

Rises from the ashes of our freedom

On all sides of the ocean

Of their greed, of this shattered world

Hope is failing faster

Lies fall in storms of fire and T.V.

Media is the weapon

They slow-poison us with daily

Foul songs fill ears

For big business is against us

Terror grips hearts abroad

Fear is all we’re fed by the crown

Anger’s only a step from fear

Lies create the daily illusion

Subversion of the hero

From defender to savage attacker

Revolution’s the new enemey

Subversion of freedom, the constitution

Freedom comes not from death

The seeds sown grow to chaos

On the streets the red will flow

As stars fall and blue rivers dry

As money changes color

It stays in the same bloodied hands

Masters are masters always

And we’re all their clueless slaves

Revolution stands as the key

Our chains can and must fall to dust

From our greyed minds and souls

Removal of the few is set to begin

Our dreams are not buried

They just aren’t woven with greed

We’re waking from the fear

Empire’s nightmare ends tonight


White Black Hole

Dead as the mid-winter grass

Buried under snowlike-static

Fire and blood in the cold white

Ready to burn out, for you can’t hold on

Promises decay too quickly

Too far from your tongue is death

They die and shatter, solid as lies

Covering a believer in an avalanche

The fire that is unlocked truth

Witnessed in bloodied threads

Too pure for the white ice sand

Too much belief to believe

Defeat comes not from the real

Misconceptions cool all hearts

Now losing hope’s all you’ve embraced

Hiding behind the outside still

Leagues mean nothing in reality

Space filled with words and deeds

Shrinks before the clear mind

The real is forever so, and absolute

Fire and blood in long tears

Tear the mind gently apart

Lies held in unmistakable

Agitate these too-fresh wounds

Embrace or cast aside this hope

Lie not within a white black hole

Lie not about your true soul

Take no comfort in running to ease

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