Goodbye To Paper

I’ve been sorting through old things down in the basement. I placed a large amount of papers in the recycle bin, and even more disposable pasts into a garbage bag. The pile is getting smaller with every hour.
While looking through the boxes I discovered some albums I have only on cassette. I should replace them sometime in the near future. right now they are going into my old toy box, where things I no longer use, but are not to be sold or otherwise disposed will rest.
I’m currently on tea break (no, I’m not drinking tea, I’m just refusing to call this dinner or lunch). And salivating at the though of egg rolls and hash browns.
I could list dozens of bands and artists you all should listen to, and someday I may do just that. For now check out my Music Links.
Having talked to Ashley for most of yesterday, today has been feeling quite vacant. We’re talking now, though, so all is well.

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