…M.O.D. are you out there?…

It was another warm day. Actually very hot in the afternoon. It certainly felt like the hottest day so far this year.

At work I finished planting the largest flower bed. I have two small beds to plant and then I will wait until next week when I can buy all the supplies for pots, planters and hanging baskets. Tomorrow will be a mowing day.

Not long after I got home Ilea told me I had to free up the line so that her friend could call her. It’s been nearly 6 hours since then, her friend has still not called and she insists I not go online. I will soon assert otherwise, as she has tied the line up for far too long waiting for a friend who has not been home the entire day, and who likely will not call. And do you want to know what it was for? To go out for dinner. It’s a wee bit late for that, I think.

Some folks seem to believe maturity equals conformity. Strange. Mental maturity is an understanding of the world, one’s place in it, one’s responsibilities and ways to deal with problems, not fitting into socital molds.

Ignorance is most troubling when it’s held by the people you care about, or those you once held as your mentors and superiors. One must learn to balance tollerance, teaching and defiance if they wish to impart wisdom.

Stand by your convictions, but learn of the opposing arguements so that you can strengthen your own. There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance.

Newfoundland is the only only province I have not yet visited. Someday I should make plans to travel over to explore for a weekend. I’m sure the iceburgs would be impressive, as would going on a whale watching tour.

It’s funny that I remember Idaho before many other states that I visited in 1994. I’m sure it’s the cool potato pin I got at one of the tourism centers.

I also remember Oragon and California quite well. The redwoods were very impressive, and it was facinating to be at the Pacific Ocean when at the start of the trip I was driving along the Atlantic Ocean.

Of all the places I visited on that roadtrip, it was the natural wonders that impressed me most. The Rocky Mountains and Niagra Falls still have the strongest call on my wanderlust. I must surely return to them again someday for a longer stay.

The one song I remember most from that summer is Lisa Loeb’s “Stay”. I recall clearly hearing it on the radio while it was at #1.

It’s funny how music sticks with you. For instance, I remember when I got Collective Soul’s self-titled album I was camping with relatives somewhere here in Nova Scotia. There was a river bank behind our camp site. I would sit in my parents’ car and listen to the cassette any chance I got. I also remember the swing set and merry-go-round there very vividly. They were both red. We could walk right out of the camp ground and be in the downtown. Within a short distance was a cool used book store that I was quite happy to find.

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