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The Swirl 360 E.P. arrived today. Just 5 days after I ordered it. All the way from Texas it flew on silver wings.

It’s quite a good collection of songs. I already knew and loved “Okay”, but the other tracks are also great songs. “Feel Good” is my current favourite on the E.P. It has the “summer hit” feel of their label hits. EP is definitely in the vein of their first album, but I do believe the songwriting has matured and the production is great, especially for an indie CD.

Swirl 360 is one of two twin groups I really enjoy. The other is of course Tegan and Sara, the dangerous Canadian rock duo. I’ve been listening to them more frequently lately at work and I’ve gained a greater appreciation for their earlier work.

Work was fine. The weather turned out a lot better than I expected and the day went by quickly. Most of it was spent weeding the many beds. I love the wildlife I get to be around at work. Here’s a list of some of the creatures that frequent my grounds:

A brown rabbit (who greets me every morning)

An owl (who I hear more than see)

Humming birds (who drink of my flowers and hummingbird feeder)

Chipmunks (who are becoming used to me and will soon eat birdseed out of my hand, surely)

Squirrels (who are more likely to run)

Many butterflies (who also drink from my many flowers. They are definitely a welcome addition, especially those beautiful yellow ones)

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