…a little bit of truth as well…

Yesterday was mostly relaxing… I talked with Ashley quite a lot and we both worried about our dear Alisha. I truly hope she will get the help she needs to get better, and that we’ll be able to keep in touch. I must remember to write a letter to her very soon.

I’ve been really enjoying the pieces of the new Live album I have very, very much. The messages and lyrics are simply wonderful. It’s as close to the ideal album for this year as I have heard (other than Matthew Good’s Avalanche and Placebo’s Sleeping With Ghosts).

Today I will try to do some reading and get some writing out. Those are two areas I’ve had to neglect quite a lot this summer.

I had a dream the other night, which is strange because I very rarely dream. It has faded from my memory quite quickly, but I know my southern belles were in it and it was very pleasant. I can honestly say I have had a dream that did not include Ashley (that I have ever remembered, at least).

Next weekend if I can manage to get a drive and a ticket there could very well be a gathering of the Nova Scotian disciples at the concert on the hill. That would be an historic moment, surely.

Ashley will be visiting Alisha as well, so it seems the degrees of separation are narrowing between those holy few who have entered into the fold. Soon the time will come for this saviour and my five dearest friends to gather and plan the salvation of this broken world.

Time to step on with my day. I hope each of yours will be filled with only bliss.

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