…he beats on his guitar and he does his little show…

Work today was really nice. The weather is still far too hot though, and I need rain to green up the lawn soon. It’s looking pretty burned out even with watering it some.

The morning went quickly because I did all the mowing I could do with the $10,000 ride-on mower (I love that machine! It turns on a dime, is so fuel efficient, cuts very well, and never clogs since it’s a mulcher).

At noon I accompanied my aunt Lucy to the “commercial” section of Upper Musquodoboit. She dropped me off at the gas station to have some fuel containers filled while she went to the post office and resturant.

At the gas station Alana, the daughter of the owner was working. At first I didn’t recognize her, but when she said my name I figured it had to be her. She was missing the accent and tone I always associated with her before, and she looked different, but who else working there would know me? She filled the containers for me and we talked about university and different things about our post-high school lives for about 15 minutes while I was waiting for Lucy to return and while she had no customers. It’s odd how that was the deepest and longest conversation I’ve had with someone who I’ve known since I was 6. It happens remarkably often now that most of us have grown up and scattered. She was a year behind me in elementary school, but we were in the same classes quite often since it was a very small school. We never hung out or anything during the 12 years we were going to the same schools, but I do remember her rather well. It was nice to talk to one of the people from my past again. Nostalgia’s been creeping in since the concert on the hill when I saw Sascha and Sarah. I miss all the good times with great folks.

For lunch I had a cheese burger and fries. Thursdays are always nice at lunch because we all order out.

Just before it was closing time in the office, Lucy told me that the next day it rains they would like me to clean out a large closet, and that the employers said we could do whatever we wish with the junk in it. She also mentioned that there was a guitar in it. When I heard that I was instantly alert and had to go check it out. I laid claim to the beast and draggd the case on out to Elenore’s car (for she gave me a drive home).

I’m now the proud owner of a Anjo Model F 50 accoustic guitar. If anyone knows about this guitar I’d love to hear about it. I’m certainly not an expert (yet), so I don’t know how good it is. I know it cost $112 in 1986, since the receipt was in the case, and that it looks to be in great shape, but little else. I tried scouring the net, and ebay but I was unable to find any info on the manufacturer or this model. However, a folk musician of 50 years spoke quite highly of another (I assume similar, from the description he gave) guitar made by the same company (This guitar is great for a take-it-anywhere player that’s very well set-up and easy to play. Toss it in the back of the car and don’t worry about hurting it.), saying it’s very durable (This seems to be a very durably built guitar. Tuners are smooth and everything seems solid. It holds its tuning well. Very dependable – would take it anywhere.) , has good sound quality (It has amazingly good sound for a low priced instrument. The sound is loud and bright with med/light (12-54) Dean Markley strings, and good for the folk music I play. Bass is solid.) and has good action, fit and finish (The action is very well adjusted. Bookmatch is good front and back, and it registers well, so the bridge must be ok.).

It has only four strings, so I must pick up some soon and see about having my uncle tune it. Perhaps he can give me some pointers until I return to the city and can have Nathan teach me some more. I will become a great singer-songwriter. Wait and see, my friends. 😉

Woo for free guitars! The apartment will be a-rocking as soon as I can get the hang of playing it. Perhaps Nathan and I will record some interesting songs to share with you all. Maybe an accoustic duet of “Cheese Pizza” for all you food and love enjoying people.

Lets see if I can remember some of the lyrics Nathan and I constructed (it was all for fun. Remember that.) :

“Cheese Pizza”

I’ve got cheese pizza for you
I want you to like it, please do
I’ve got cheese pizza for you
I want you to like it, please do
And if you don’t like it
It will break my heart
All my dreams will burn up
And I’ll be eating alone

With the rising crust
And the sauce of love
And then at last
The melting mozerella

It goes something like that. Nathan has a couple versions recorded (I think with me on backup for one version). I’ll have to find them in September.

[Music: Shawn Mullins – And on a Rainy Night]

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