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From Matthew Good’s Journal: On The Iraq War

Hello today.

CBC -LONDON – A British parliamentary committee sharply criticized the government Monday for its handling of an intelligence report on Iraqi weapons that was part of its case for going to war. But the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee said it’s satisfied Prime Minister Tony Blair didn’t knowingly lie to Parliament. It did say Blair inadvertently or mistakenly misrepresented information in the Iraq intelligence dossier.

By this time next year Tony Blair will be on US lecture circuit. You mark my words.

And not surprisingly…

BBC-A former US ambassador who investigated reports that Niger sold uranium to Iraq has said Washington exaggerated the threat of the Iraqi weapons programme in the run-up to the war.

Maybe there will be a major league baseball team for sale in January of 2004? George Bush to Africa. With supposed AIDS relief money in hand coupled with anti-terror funding for those smart enough to realize that to accept one might very well mean more of the other. With the gun trade what it is in Africa, one might think the worst thing you could do is supply anti-terror funds given what a percentage of that money would surely be used for. Then again, perhaps such funding comes complete with US special baggage handlers. You never can tell what the fine print might say. It could even be in the form of training, minimal currency funding, and US weapons. Not that that’s anything but speculation on my part, but it’s not as if it’s pure fantasy either.

Nelson Mandela won’t see Mr. Bush. And that’s good enough for me.

I wonder if Mr. Bush will try and help Tony Blair given the fact that he backed the President’s play? I wonder if the US intelligence community will make known to the British Government what information they had concerning Iraq. I mean, since all of this came about the British have been totted as America’s greatest allies. They have been praised by Betty-Sue and Bobby-Ray USA for having the guts to go and kick ass along side their American friends. Unlike Canada, unlike the dirty French. So what do you reckon? Will they help Tony out? My money’s on: a) not a snowballs chance in hell. Because there’s always the chance that the US government did the exact same thing.

Several months ago I was getting angry e-mails from Americans telling me that I had no right to say that the invasion of Iraq was unwarranted. I was offered reason after reason as to why it was justified. I was accused of being anti-American and that Canada should be ashamed of its position concerning Iraq. Well I don’t get e-mails like that anymore. Because as it turns out the American people were lied to and if there’s one thing no one wants to remember it’s how easily and willingly they were led down the garden path.

When all this is said and done it won’t have made any different to those that lost loved ones. To them, and the countless civilians killed, it will only provide awful memory and emptiness. It will most likely become a financial sinkhole that will further tax the US economy, even if oil prices drop and shit-kickers nationwide can fill up their pickups for less. Consider what the billions and billions of dollars spent could have done for the United States domestically. Instead its people are fed horseshit about their national security and the need to safeguard themselves against crazed men that despise them for no real reason in particular. It’s that sort of forced fed drama and fear mongering that allows the US government to use occurrences such as September 11th to their advantage as proof positive that they were right. The pathetic thing about it is that the US government were the ones responsible for it through their reckless foreign policies and international covert actions in the past. But none of that matters now. It’s done. And now a majority of Americans are beginning to get red faces because it’s truly embarrassing to have been duped so fucking easily.

And so many of them should.

Thick about what all of this has really done:

-The deaths of civilians and soldiers alike that continue to this day.

-Wasted funding on pointless offices of government, such as homeland security, which is a farce at best.

-Driving divisions between people, families, and friends over this issue.

-Racial stereotyping, the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the second world war.

-The abuse of those that spoke out against it.

-The fact that it will all be swept under the rug with a shrug of the shoulders by many Americans.

-Not produced either Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden.

-Not produced any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

-Supported governments with terrible human rights records, such as Saudi Arabia, who allied themselves with the United States.

-The severe diminishment of the United Nations as an affective organization.

-The pressure to have the pointless and false cause for this war spread to other parts of the Middle East, such as Iran and Palestine.

-The abuse of other respected democratic nations that refused to go along with the United States position.

-The treatment of such nations and their nationals by Americans, such as the refusal to buy French wine, the invention of “Freedom Fries”, and the attack on two Ottawa Senator fans in New Jersey following a hockey game.

On and on.

There comes a time when something good can be had from something terrible. Never was this truer than now. I encourage the American people to get that man and those that surround him not only out of power in 2004, but brought to trial for their misuses. And though the latter is basically impossible, it would serve the United States to start thinking in those terms. I completely agree that Saddam Hussein’s government was tyrannical. There are many governments on this earth that rival his brutality that no one much cares to mention on a daily basis. Ones whose leaders don’t have 25 million dollar rewards placed on their heads.

If I were allowed one question to Donald Rumsfeld , the US Secretary of Defense and noted Hawk, it would be this –

If someone does apprehend Mr. Husssein, either dead or alive, and you finally have him in your hands, will the 25 million dollars be more or less money than it cost your government to put him in power in the first place?

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