One Week

In one week and a few hours my wonderful Ashley will be here at last. It’s been a long time since we were last together, so I’m definitely looking forward to her arrival and the two weeks we will spend together. Her mother will be here 5 days, until the Wednesday following their arrival. There is still a lot to get done and plan in the next 7 days.

On Monday I have to go to Halifax with my father to renew the lease on my apartment, I have to reclean my room and prepare it for Ashley to stay in on Friday, I have to make a human scavenger hunt list for my aunt’s reunion that is taking place the same weekend Ashley arrives (so she and her mother will meet almost all of my family at once) and I still have to work and have ebay auctions taken care of.

Busy, busy.

Some of the plans for when Ashley is here should include, aside from plenty of quiet alone time, a trip to the coast, hopefullya day in Halifax, and some other Nova Scotian attractions. It all depends on what my parents have planned, sadly.

It should be the two best weeks of my life. Nothing could spoil 14 days with my amazing apple girl.

[Music: Joydrop – joydrop – Here Today]

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