…the wind and sun…

The morning went well. All was signed and I will still have my den for September.

The afternoon dragged on at work. It was too hot and humid so I ended up weeding in the shade. Weeds grow far too quickly no matter what I do.

The past couple nights I have been rereading Neil Gaiman’s Death graphic novels, Death: The High Cost of Living and Death: The Time of Your Life. They are wonderful reads. I must someday buy the rest of the Sandman books too, as I have only the first 3.

I find it bizarre that Tom Petty’s “The Last DJ” was banned on many American stations because it’s anti-corporate radio. It’s a great and pro-radio song, with no offensive content. The world is fucked.

U and I are too close together. “The world is ficked” was the original sentence back there.

My razor needs to be replaced. Ow.

My roommate Nathan told me today that Tara Slone, former lead singer of Joydrop has nearly completed her new album. Nathan’s friends with her brother and Ted (her brother) said it sounds really good. We may be able to hear her demos soon. How awesome would that be? She worked with someone who did some songs with Sam Roberts and is a member of Blinker The Star.

My degrees of separation are low. It’s only 3 to the Queen of England (me-nathan-hisgrandfather-thequeen). And the queen knows a bunch of crazy folks. Fun.

[Music: Tegan & Sara – Living Room]

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