a “love you” life

I went to work for only half a day, because my folks are both going away and I would otherwise have no way to get back here.

On the way to work my mother stopped in at the post office and discovered there was a package for me. My copy of Matthew Sweet’s Japan-only release, Kimi ga suki x Raifu, which is intentionally broken Japanese for a “love you” life.

I’m listening to this album now, and it’s really great. It definitely has a feel much like Girlfriend. Right now I can’t say if I enjoy this more than his work with The Thorns, but it’s going to be one of my favorite albums. It’s very spontaneous and rough, but in all the right ways.

The cover art is interesting. It was done by the artist Yoshitomo Nora, and is an image of a boy in a cat suit and a singing girl. The liner notes are in both English and Japanese, something I have only on some Elastica singles. Japanese written language always looks so beautiful to me. It seems so much more complex and timeless than our own.

Overall this CD will prove to be well worth the $30 US + $7 shipping + $10 customs that it took to finally get it in my stereo. It will be there for a long time to come and soon written to mini disc for work place music.

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  1. hi……obviously a huge fan of ms….

    unfortunately love it tho i would i will not spend thirty quid [uk money]

    almost a day's work on one disc..what

    mr. sweet,who i otherwise hold in the highest regard forgets is that in the far corners of the world [wales u.k]

    people and i know a few have been buying his albums since girlfriend so

    this ass kissing of the japanese is unjustified what about a wales only release……hoping anyhow any chance off you posting these tracks on winmx say or even better out oif the kindness of your heart sending me a copy cd-r…

    shot in the dark!!!!domo arigato

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