tick, tick

In a mere 67 hours Ashley will be here. I could not begin to describe how excited I am that the time when we can be together again is so close. I miss her tremendously each and every day, and my days seem so full and rich when I am with her.

The weekend Ashley arrives is also the weekend my aunt Lucy is having a family reunion at her place. With such timing I’ll be able to introduce Ashley to nearly my entire family.That will, of course, be nice. I hope they won’t embarass me too much. They’re good people, but a bit on the odd side.

Speaking of that, I was supposed to make up a human scavenger hunt tonight. I can’t believe I forgot it. Time to work on that, I suppose.

I’m really tired though, so it may be made tomorrow night, too late to be photocopied.

[Music: Tool – Faaip De Oaid]

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