It’s Thanks To You

Before I tell of my day, I just uploaded some more photos from when Ashley was here. They can be found in the photo section of Frozen Truth.

I went to work in the morning and found that the power was out there. This made it surprisingly difficult for me since the electric garage doors barred me from my tools. Thus, I weeded as much as I could before calling for a drive home.

The power was out here when I returned, so I read one of my Sandman graphic novels again. It was a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

In a surprise move, my father decided to take us all to New Glasgow for the New Glasgow Jubilee 2003 after dinner. The Jubilee is a celebration of music that takes place in downtown New Glasgow providing the picturesque East River as the backdrop of the stage. From Country to Celtic, Rock to Blues, Children’s entertainment and even some alternative musical styles, there is something for every music lover whatever their taste. The caliber of the performers is bound to make music fans of even the most casual bystander.

When we arrived around 7 p.m. the first act, Arthur Godfrey, began to play. His was an enjoyable set filled with some very authentic “Americana”, Springsteen-esque songs punctuated with his rough vocals.

Next to take the stage was Charlie A’Court, a local blues guitarist and vocalist that has been gaining a lot of international attention in the last year. His skill at what he does, and his performance skills were obvious, but I am not a fan of the blues, so I did not enjoy his performance as much as I would if I enjoyed blues more.

The third band we saw was The Northern Pikes. They are a legendary Canadian band,and played many songs I did not realize they had written during the night. They definitely were the best of the night. It was refreshing to end the night hearing a straight forward rock band with so many well crafted and well known songs. They were on the mark tonight, playing extremely well and giving us a well balanced set of hits and lesser-known gems. I will certainly check them out again if they play Halifax in the near future and I’ll look for their albums.

[Music: Matthew Sweet – Morning Song]

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