She screams at the top of her lungs, I am whole…

It’s finally really hitting me that this September will be the first one since I was 5 years old (15 years ago) that I will not be in school. It’s both liberating and scary at once. I don’t think I’ll be missing any of it, though, honestly. I’d rather do meaningful work that the meaningless pieces of “you’ll never use this in the real world, or any other for that matter”.

I’ve been listening to a CD that was sent to me by CD Baby! with one of the orders I made months ago(Teraim Hirsch and Molly Zenobia were the purchases then). The CD is filled with MP3’s by lesser known acts who are still incredible. There are at least a dozen bands here that I really want to check out further. The range of genres is wonderful – esoteric hip hop, rock/metal, jazz, pop, folk, hip hop/rap, classical/easy listening, world, country, urban/r&b, electronic, ans spoken word. I only listened to this once before, but I definitely am glad I have rediscovered this 94-song gem. Drop by CD Baby! today and I bet you will discover something you will love!

It has been raining for a week, every day without fail. The dampness is becoming quite unpleasant. We rarely get any rain in August, so this is really unusual. Are climate change and global warming behind this? I would think so.

I’ve prepared a lot of ebay items today. I will certainly have a lot to mail out next week, but also a lot less junk taking up my valued space. Perhaps some higher numbers in my Credit Union (because it’s as close to a socialist bank you can find in these parts) account as well.

In a mere month I’ll be back in my cave on Liverpool St. with fast internet access again. That will be a blessing. You should all suggest some music for me to hunt down then, and perhaps some interesting computer programs as well.

Time’s falling as the leaves soon will. Yes, my favourite season is aproaching (45 days until the official start), and some changes will surely be taking place. These include a new job, a clearing out of my space of so many unwanted items, some deep thinking, and hopefully some literary direction and action.

Work/Time currency is facinating. If enough people adopted it I do believe we could see a fundimental change in class structure and all our lives would benefit positively. It’s the same with any socialist, all-people-first system, I believe. To quote a great woman, Ani DiFranco, “Capitalism is the devil, is the devil’s wet dream”. Are we not being shown this each and every day?

I just stepped away for a moment and was looking at the photo Poe sent to me. It’s always nice to see it and know that at least one damn cool rockstar believes that “Apollo Rules!” Sometime I must remember to list all the music artists who have signed things for me. Buck 65 would be the most prolific, as he has signed all his albums for me.

The current artist blaring out of my speakers is Alix Olson. “Eve’s Mouth” is quite a good track talking in the language of fairytales on subjects from eating disorder to empowerment. This is one artist I must listen to more.

[Music: ALIX OLSON – Eve’s Mouth]

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