Nerissa (story tree)

The white-topped blue waves crashed upon the smooth pale rocks below Nerissa. She was only half aware of the noise and motion as she sat with crossed legs and wrote in the blue notebook with a calm sadness. The waters had been rising for hours, and she had been writing for as many more than that. To get the words out was all she could hope to do; this gave her direction in her stillness and compelled her more than she had ever been compelled to do anything before.

Hours more passed until the flying moisture collided with her legs and chilled her enough to still her hand’s scrawling motion. At last she closed the book and slid the pen into the binding. Looking around the beach, with its grey rockiness mirrored in the overcast sky, she stood on legs that were asleep and tingled with needles of pain.

This is the beginning of a Renga-inspired tree of stories. The goal of this is to create a branching story created by as many authors as possible, with each adding a new piece to the story I have begun.

If you would like to contribute (and I sincerely hope you do), please write a continuation to what I have written and post it in some permanent public place online (i.e. your online journal or website) and contact me with the URL. I will then link to it and ask you to place a link to my own page ( here ) to let others read the start of the story. I would also ask that you include a message such as this and ask others to contribute the next part, link to my page (so that people will be able to read the entire story), and link back to yours (where you will also link to them). With clarity this could lead to a growing collection of story parts.

Please contribute if you would like. Leaving a comment here or e-mailing me will ensure I add the URL of your site a.s.a.p.

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  1. Hey Mr. Truth –

    I took your story on and added to it, hope it doesn't make you puke green slime. I put it in my livejournal (also where I found the link that brought me here today). My live journal name is akeyclueinto, good luck with your story, oh and I'd love a moment or too of feedback if you have time. Later, keith

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