I’ve been reading about Renga this morning. It’s a interesting haiku-like poetry form composed by multiple poets.

Now, this gives me a bit of inspiration to start a new project. Who would be interested in starting something like a website Renga? Here’s my idea:

1) The original artist will create a short piece of prose or poetry

2) Each person who chooses to participate may write their own piece following the themes or story of the previous author. They will then contact the previous author to inform them of the location (permanent url) of the new piece. The previous author will link to this new participant’s work, and the new author will link back to the previous author’s work.

3) Step 2 will be repeated with new authors starting from the newcomer’s work (and linking to the originating piece). There will be branches from the story (i.e. multiple “next part” links for each section of the story), so as to make it possible for a near-infinite number of stories / collections to be composed.

Is anyone interested in joining me on this project?

[Music: The Smashing Pumpkins – Lily (My One and Only)]

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