…while I’m in the rain…

This = endlessly entertaining and beautiful. Please, do yourself the favour of trying it out… I love the moss and tree pieces they used to craft this beautiful game. This is the best online game I have ever played. Wow.

Speaking of games, I have two conflicting game-related things I did this weekend. The first is that I have all my PC games ready to be sold on ebay. That will be the last of the vast gaming library that I aquired in my childhood, aside from my NES which is still at the apartment, and a few PC games I have stored away on CD’s for memory’s sake.

The second is that I have spent hours playing Fallout 2 this weekend. It’s a far more addictive game than I remembered, and is really well designed and non-linear. It will have to be hidden away soon or I will spend hours more completing the game.

The other hours of my weekend were spent talking with Ashley and some of my disciples. It was certainly very nice to talk with Ashley and hear her voice again. We miss each other very much and are definitely longing for another string of days like those we enjoyed in July.

[Music: Butch Walker – Into the Black]

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