Wicked & Weird

Wow, you all need to rush on over to the home of Buck 65, http://www.buck65.com, and check out his new site and the glorious loops for your listening pleasure (the first reminds me both of classic video games and a Korean anime I love called Ninja The Wonder Boy). I’m in love already. There looks to be a lot on the way from the dirt road artisan. For starters, the new single, “Wicked and Weird” is up for your ears. It’s sounding beautifully produced and will surely be rising in the charts like nothing Buck’s done before. Sadly, I’m on dialup so it’s taking forever to hear it. Sounds as sweet as cotton candy though, and make me long for some joyriding down some dirt roads. Quality’s the only word for it.

Talking Honky Blues will soon be released (September 16th at The Marquee is the release party, and Nathan and I will attend) and I can’t wait to hear the entire master piece. The songs I’ve heard live were simply fantastic.

[Music: – wicked_and_weird]

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