Broken Belts and Wires

Work wasn’t bad. The one negative part of the day was when the ride-on lawn mower became unusable. The belt that makes the blades spin slipped off the track and burned out as I was beginning my fifth sweep across the lower lawn.

I returned home and ate dinner with Ilea and Greg before breaking out the new external hard drive. It’s working very well so far, but it is a bit slow because I don’t yet have USB 2 on my laptop. I’ll look for a card to add that someday. My music is travelling the wires as I’m typing this, and should be done within the hour.

Around 7 my aunt Marrie and cousin Courtney came to visit. I hung out with them for a good hour, and talked with them some, often about the decaying of society. It was quality talking. Near the end of their stay Courtney asked to see my room so we came down here and talked about things from music to Ashley.

Tick another second-day away. The Fall is approaching, and I’m anticipating it with enthusiasm and caution.

[Music: Buck 65 – while i’m young]

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