Dinner At Fred’s

I just finished watching the movie Dinner At Fred’s on Showcase. It was a much better movie than I expected at first. It’s definitely a film I would recommend to all of you. It’s a quirky comedy that should be lame but is really endearing. It’s a 4/5 on my movie scale.

I decided to take today off work in order to get some things done around here. I cleaned my room, finished all my packing (except for clothes and washroom necessities) and listed a bunch of things on ebay. Nothing too daunting, but still a set of tasks I’m happy to be able to remove from my list.

That list of things to do in the next two weeks is quickly shortening, as you can see:

Mail out ebay items

Convert all the links on my links page to Linkpool

Code Linkpool to sort by categories

Add some new plugins to my journal.

Do some tweaking with the layout of the journal.

Figure out what to take with me when I return to my cave in the city of trees

Pack things for that return

Move all my music onto the new external hard drive

List the remainder of my computer games on ebay

Prepare all my other things for sale

Make a CD for Wanda

Read a book

Order a strap and strings for my guitar

Make CD’s for my other disciples

[Music: Collective Soul – You Speak My Language]

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