Smoke and Haze

The three words the weather people chose for today were hot, hazy and humid. I would add smokey to that. You see, smoke from forest fires half a continent away was carried on the winds to lovely Nova Scotia to inflict me with a sore throat. It would certainly not be a good day for people with breathing problems to be outside as well.

It makes me wonder if you do enough to prevent fires. In Germany, from what I’m told, the military scours the forests they have for dead wood and remove it in order to prevent forest fires. I do believe this would be a very good idea for North America as well, and would be helped by the welfare reform I’ve been working on. Perhaps I’m a bit too interested in politics and helping others for my own good, but that’s very doubtful.

Work was, aside from the unpleasant weather, not bad. The lawn mower is still out of service, even after the broken belt was replaced in the morning by myself and my father (who was kind enough to help out when I was unable to get an AD&B employee to take a look at it). I am hoping it will be working tomorrow so that I can mow the lawn.

Last night I read “The Golem”, a short story set in World War II involving the Jewish folklore of the Golem by Naomi Kritzer. The golem was created by a Jewish woman, Hanna, and her Czech lover, Alena, in order to aid the resistance of the Nazis. Though the golem seemed to know the fate of all the people of the city (the vast majority of the Jews would be killed),yet could not alter the future, and could only gain its freedom if it allowed the two women who had created it die. It was an interesting explotation of fate, loyalty, love and predestination.

I’m rediscovering music that I had stored away to collect dust. Having 4 times as much space for it will definitely allow my music listening experiences to be more varied each day. My current ear-enchantment is Mediaeval Babes. I remember seeing them years ago on one of those daytime shows, perhaps Gaberou, and being enthralled with their voices. It was certainly very different from much of what I was listening to before that. It wouldn’t be until I discovered Delerium that I would renew my interest in their music.

“Time After Time” is one song, that always seems to bring tears to my eyes, no matter what artist perfoms it. It resonates with something I can’t put a name to, much like the other members of the group of songs from my youth that I had a strong emotional bond with.

I just got off the phone with Ashley. It was very nice to hear her voice again, even if it was a bit different because of her new retainer. There’s a good chance she will be spending a few days with me at my apartment in the next couple months, so I will be looking forward to that very much.

[Music: Big Wreck – Inhale]

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