Sleeps With Angels

I have yet another Neil Young album playing now, Sleeps With Angels (it includes the song “Piece of Crap”). I’m lucky my father has a few of them in his collection, because I’ve become very enthusiastic about his music in the past two days. There are many great songs that he has recorded which I must make a part of my personal library. Harvest (on LP) will be the next album to grace my ears. It’s a true classic, with songs such as “Heart of Gold”, “Old Man”, “Alabama” and “Needle and the Damage Done”. Neil Young songs will certianly be among the first I will learn to play on my accoustic guitar.

I haven’t been sitting still much today. Or, rather, I have been sitting, but I have been busy working away at things such as redesigning my site layout and preparing ebay items to be sold and sent. There’s still plenty left to finish.

[Music: Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Change Your Mind]

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