My computer is healing now, and thankful to be resurected.

It’s a long process to restore all I had on here. Everything from Trillan to w.bloggar, to all those programs like WMP that need to be updated will take at least 2 weeks to regain. There’s no way I could download some programs on dialup.

I’ve discovered that going back to ME from XP is a very frustrating experience. I can’t wait to reinstall XP when I return to Halifax, as it is far superiour.

My internal hard drive now goes by the name Divinity and my external by Muse. I think they fit nicely.

The only break I’ve had from this business of restoring has been a visiting a campfire that my parents built. It was nice to relax with my sister and parents while talking and watching the fire. Sharing memories of camping was especially pleasant. I can always remember the different places we stayed even though it’s been years since I was last at most of them.

Tomorrow I may be going to Halifax (if it rains), so my first Voice Monkey entry might appear in my journal. If not, the first will be on Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday, that is when I will be having a check up at the dentist’s and also getting my beginner’s license. It’s been a couple years too long of waiting for that, I think, so I might as well do it. It’s not as if I’ll be owning a car in the next decade though (unless someone wishes to buy me an electric car).


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