Free From What You Want

I’m absolutely loving the new CD’s I got today. They are all amazing albums. This was certainly one of the best batches of music I have ever aquired.

I’m much more impressed by Audioslave than I expected, somehow. I did enjoy RAtM and Sound Garden, but this new music is even more to my liking. Though it lacks the strong political message of RAtM, there is still a great strength to it.

The Trews album really captured a lot of their live energy, and all the songs I remembered from the many times I’ve seen them live translated extremely well. This is definitely going to break this band to the masses. Mark my words, this band will be huge in a few years.

The Delerium album is much in the same vein as their earlier albums and the Conjure One project. It has some songs with vocals that just pierce you instantly… I really must gather up copies of their previous works soon. This is beautiful and calming music that I feel I will be listening to quite often in the coming Fall.

I’ve spent much of my night talking with Ashley and Alisha. Alisha and I have been talking for hours about various things, especially our respective spirituality and pasts. She has suggested some activities that I will attempt soon. One includes a dialog between my “now self” and “then self” (I’m using those terms, because I think I will be holding conversations with MEs from different eras).

I’ll read the last pages of Year’s Best Fantasy and then sleep.

[Music: Audioslave – Like A Stone]

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