Wires and Affirmation

Ashley called me at 6 and we talked for an hour. It was extremely pleasant to hear her voice again and to talk about various things. I miss her greatly and I am looking forward to the prospect of her visiting me in October with excitement and anticipation.

I just finished reading the first chapter of The Tao of Inner Peace. It touched on numerous interesting points, including self-assessment, resolving conflict, avoiding false dilema and flexibility. While these themes may seem simple, meditating on them can prove very beneficial.

The breathing exercise in this chapter was especially relevent because of conversations I’ve had with Alisha about her personal experience with a breathing activity, which was quite profound for her. This particular exercise was a notably calming and clairifying experience. It focused on dealing with conflict and should prove valuable for me in the future when I am faced with it.

“Wise people seek solutions; the ignorant only cast blame” Tao Te Ching 79

I now know my life is peaceful and harmonious.
I see the larger patterns within and around me.
I open up to new insights.
I affirm the strength of bamboo. (refering to its flexibility)
I am an evolving soul.
I live in Peace.
I respect myself and the process.
I harmonize with nature and all others in the world.
I accept greater peace in my life now.
And it is so.

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