Shouts, Folded Fabric and Tao

I forgot to mention on Wednesday that I ran into some folks from S.C.H.S. while in Truro. At the D.T. Amanda Keen yelled out, “Hey, Jesus!” to the delight of all, and showed me that my parents are still puzzled over my divinity. Amanda Nelson spotted me in the Zellers and Nick waved to me while walking past in his sleeveless shirt. Amanda Keen had followed me from the D.T. and said hey again at the mall.

In a side note, apparantly my friend Bryce’s little brother looked around my site and signed the guestbook.

One week from today I will be back in my city-cave. I’m looking forward to that very much, and surprisingly to the challenges it will present. You will be hearing audio journal entries when I do go back to the city, as I have signed up for VoiceMonkey Plus, a great voice journalling service. While they have taken the toll-free number down, I do believe I wish to use the service. 20 minutes of airtime each month isn’t much to ask for the ablility to update this at any time, from anywhere I wish.

Today I’ve further prepared for the move back to Halifax. I’ve packed some more things, sorted clothes, packed some necessities, and readied the last items for their dismemberment. My stereo will, of course, be the last thing to be pack other than my computer.

Tao people aren’t haunted by ghosts of the past or phantoms of the future. They accept the gift of today and make the best use of it

I read the third chapter of The Tao of Inner Peace during several intervals during the day. It’s a book that must be read over a measured time, for the steps involved in the growth are not to be rushed. The 292 pages could be read in a day quite easily, but will prove more beneficial if meditated upon over many days.

Today’s reading touched on seeing clearly, self-acceptance, detachment (finding greater compassion through distancing from minor concerns and commotion), doing rather than trying, thinking independently, expanding self, faith, living in the here and now, and laughter. It was a longer chapter than the first, and certainly held much wisdom. What I have gained from it most is an energized sense of determination to do the things I wish to do in balance with my beliefs. While I long to help others, my own growth must become a focus and give me greater power to change the world as I change myself.


I now know my life is peaceful and harmonious.

I manifest greater Te in my life.

I live with joy and commitment.

I accept myself and others.

I express myself openly and honestly.

I reach out in loving service.

I do not try; I do.

I respect myself and the process.

I harmonize with nature and everyone in my world.

I accept greater peace in my life now.

And so it is.

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