Weekly Wrap-Up

1. How would you describe blogging to someone who didn’t know what it was? Well, I would let them know that blogging, by definition is a “web log”, a diary of interesting links. However, the slang has evolved to include personal online journals, which are much like public diaries.

2. Do you automatically reciprocate and add people to your blogroll when you see that someone new is reading your blog? Why or why not? When and why would you not automatically add someone’s blog? On livejournal.com I do reciprocate, but for my main journal I do not unless I enjoy reading that person’s journal.

3. Do you publicize your blogroll? Why or why not? I don’t use blogroll, but I have a noticable spot on my site to list others that I enjoy reading.

4. What attracts you to a particular blog or blogger? What doesn’t? I suppose it’s having something in common, or just finding their writing style appealing. People who spew hatred over their journals definitely will not be having me as a reader.

5. Recommend a new blog read — and tell us why you recommend this blogger. I’d have to go with my friend Mark’s http://www.shinyplasticbag.com, because he often has entertaining posts, and is one of the few people I know with a public journal.

Weekly Wrap-Up #70 – On Blogging

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