Hit and Run, Cell Phone and All

I was hit by a car today.

Nathan and I were walking to Music Stop, and having an amusing time talking. He was on his bike and making his way slowly in front of me on the sidewalk. We came to a crosswalk and started to cross, he a couple meters ahead of me. Stopped at the crosswalk was a man talking on his cell phone. Nathan got past him just as he started to pull out, but he rammed into my guitar case (which was luckily in my left hand) and nearly knocked me off my feet. Nathan was able to signal to him and get his attention off his phone call just in time to save me from flying to the ground. The most frightening part was that the man seemed to show no remorse and continued his call as he pulled away. I really should have remembered his license plate to report such a dangerous driver, but I was more concerned with the fact that he’d nearly killed me to think of that.

NEVER use a cell phone in a car. You could kill someone!

We carried on after my brush with death and went to Music Stop. There I had the tech look at my guitar and suggest the proper strings for it. I bought the strings and a strap and we were on our way back to the apartment.

Back here I put the strings and strap on my guitar after Nathan showed me the proper techniques. It’s nice to have a guitar with the full compliment of strings and properly tuned. I was actually able to practice some this evening. It’s going to be a while before I can play anything decent, but I’ll be practicing when I can.

After a while the dangerous and dynamic trio of Greg, Apollo and Nathan (hereby known a G.A.N.) walked to Halifax Shopping Center. The mission was to drop off my film to be developed, but we also walked around and looked at things we would not end up buying. We’re resistant to the capitalism, damnit!

I talked with Ashley for a while tonight. Hearing her voice is so much better than talking with these keys, but that’s obvious. I really can’t wait until she can visit here. Speaking of her visits, I’ll have photos from the last on Friday. I need to shuffle around some things on my host, but I think I can get them to fit once I take down some other galleries for the time being.

Would anyone like to buy me some Beatles albums? My birthday is coming up in December. Seriously, I would love to finially get some Beatles recordings, but the $30 price tag is really uncalled for. Yes, they are great works, but it is still ripping us all off. I could buy 2-3 new albums for that price.
[Music: Terami Hirsch – Raising the Dead ]

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  1. god, lot's of accidents those days. another friend of mine got hit by a car today.

    nice your page by the way,

    greets from Budapest

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