Red Threads Falling

I walked down to Sam The Record Man’s today in order to pick up tickets for the Buck 65 album release at The Marquee. While there I looked around and decided to pick up Soundsaroundus by Eyes For Telescopes. I’m loving this album. It’s all quality! The band is made up of founding members of Strawberry, one of my favourite bands. I’ll hopefully be seeing EfT on the 20th with Sascha, as they will be opening for The Trews.

After that I stopped in at a magazine store and picked up an issue of Adbusters. I always enjoy this magazine and what they are trying to do. They bring up a lot of important issues, and do so in an entertaining and motivational way.

I stopped in at Kara’s Alternative Day Spa to have my hair trimmed. I got an appointment for 20 minutes later, so I walked around in the cemetery for a little while and enjoyed the great peace and beautiful that permeats that place. I returned on time and was soon called upon for the cutting to begin. I had my hair washed and the it was cut away. It doesn’t look a lot different, but it’s neater. While the cutting was happening Ashley was calling me on my cell phone. I kept hitting the end button, because I couldn’t talk to her then. Somehow I hit the speaker button during the last call and Ashley’s voice saying “Hello?” could be heard all over. That was a rather unusual occurance.

Last night I watched Ringu. It was certainly more entertaining and true to the novel (from what I hear) than the Americanized version, and I would definitely like to see the sequels and television adaptations as well. It novels would be far better, however.

I’m still listening to Eyes For Telescopes, and I’m becoming more and more impressed with every listen. It has a feel like Strawberry, but with more of a rock edge. Here’s hoping they sound as good live.This is definitely an album I would recommend to you all.

My webcam isn’t working right now, it’s drawing no power at all. It would definitely be unfortunate if it’s permanently broken. I had hoped to share a photo of my hair, but alas that is not possible.

[Music: Eyes for Telescopes – Stealin’ Johnny’s Cash ]

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