Tired Out

The Buck 65 concert was simply awesome. Any of you who were not there definitely missed out. Oh, but there’s hope! The concert will be nationally broadcast very soon. Check your local listings for the date, time and channel to see Mr. Terfry, his band The Savant Guard, and Nathan and I.

During our customary wandering around downtown Nathan and I came across a huge line in front of the Metro Center. Before long we realized that it was to see the results show of Canadian Idol. Gary Beals, the Nova Scotian finalist lost, even though 6 thousand crazy folks poured into the Metro Center.

At the main event, Buck 65’s album release party, we learned his set would be broadcast on national television. That was a bit surprising, but I know Buck deserves the attention like no other artist (he should be the one getting the screaming fans and filling the Metro Center to see a TV appearance, because he’s Nova Scotia’s true alpha artist).

Al Tuck took the stage after Buck’s CD was finished playing. Al put on a pretty good show, but I wasn’t really into his mellower sound tonight. I would certainly not mind seeing him again though.

Buck 65 was on stage with Savant Guard not long after Al finished his set. It was definitely one of the best sets I’ve ever seen Buck perform. He had it all together and has definitely benefited from having the band to back him up. He performed some great songs from the new album and some classics as well. I was most impressed by “463” (my favourite track on Talkin’ Honky Blues so far), “Pants On Fire”, “Craftsmanship”, “Roses and Bluejays”, “Tired Out” “Big Trucks” and “Riverbed 1”, and the whole collection of tunes was all quality.

Buck’s glitter antics became a bit dangerous, as he blinded himself when some got in his eyes, but he didn’t even miss a step. His stage presence is unquestionable, and his antics truly unique. The candy cigarettes was a nice touch from the non-smoking music hero. The stories entertained and enlightened as always. He even mentioned the chaos over Mr. Beals and thanked us for choosing to see him rather than taking part in such a specticle.

At the end of the show Buck was shaking hands, one of which belonged to my roommate Nathan. He’s a truly down to earth sorta guy, and he gains even more respect from this cave for that. We came home musically pleased, though soaked in sweat from the Marquee’s heat.

Remember to check out all this on a small screen near you.
[ Music: Buck 65 – Tired Out ]

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