Hurricane Journal #3

We spent another day without power today. The four of us tried to kill time and stay entertained as best we could with our limited resources. Primarily, this involved playing card games and Risk when we weren’t walking around for various purposes.

Candles have become our lifeline these past couple days. They are so vital to staying sane in this state of disconnection and uncertainty. Without their light we would be sitting here in the dark and quickly becoming unable to stand the lack of stimuli. It all comes back to fire. It’s a primal need.

Rationing of cell phone battery life has become an unexpected strain for us all, and especially myself. Since phone time has become scarce and important, I haven’t been able to call Ashley at all. I was only able to call my aunt Lucy for a few minutes to make sure my family is safe.

My parents are fine, but the power poles and lines at home were ripped down, causing damage to the house. They moved their cars down the lane in fear they would be destroyed by falling trees. They did so just before a tree fell in the exact spot where they and the cars were just moments before.

Knowing my family is safe, my thoughts turned an have lingered on my friends, especially Ashley. Unable to contact her, I’ve been missing her tremendously. While it’s always hard to be away from her and to not be able to communicate, even the simplest of ways are lost to us until the electricity returns, and that adds so much more strain. I’ve realized I’ve taken much for granted when I have had others around to talk with and other activities to hold my time. I do know that I love Ashley very deeply, and will make a greater effort to be there for her when I can.

I’ve also missed my other friends that’m I’m now disconnected from. Nathan and Greg are decent enough friends, but not the same high quality as my disciples. There’s just something special about those five folks, They’re the sort of people I’d risk my life for without a second thought, or drop everything for if they were in need.

When Wanda called on Monday I was certainly relieved that she was ok, even though she was unable to visit, as is her usual Monday routine. I’m hoping Sascha and April are as comfortable as possible. They too were likely hit by the hurricane, but I’m sure they are fine. I haven’t been able to talk with Alisha as often as I would like in the past month, but I miss her even more now that I can’t even read her journal entries. I’ll have to call her when i can charge my phone again.

It’s time for me to get some reading done before I sleep. Here’s hoping tonight is the last without power.

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