Hurricane Journal #5

Five full days have passed since hurricane Juan first took our normal lives from us, starting with electricity. It has been a memorable and difficult time, and also one conductive to reflection. Was it fewer distractions that was the catalyst?

So far it doesn’t look promising that we’ll regain power before Saturday, and the prospect of that is daunting, but less unpleasant than it once was. I’ve mostly become used to this state, and I believe it has strengthened my resolve on a number of issues, and it has helped me to better appreciate the gift of communication. Being separated from my closest friends has been a trying experience, making it obvious to me how much they add to my life.

The in ability to express my views to more than one or two people has made me think more on how little I actively work to build communities of awareness, and how much work I need to accomplish in order to make the changes in the lives of others and myself I wish to. I will set out upon a new path with earnest determination and true goals.

This afternoon I called Ashley while walking downtown. It was so nice to hear her voice and to be able to talk the short time we could. I love her with all my heart and I truly wish we could be together, even in this sort or situation.

Today I received my first two issues of Found Magazine in the mail. They hold some of the best content I’ve viewed in ages. They are made up of entirely found items, including everything from lost love letters to reward posters. I read issue number one this afternoon until the sunlight faded and enjoyed every lovingly crafted page of it. Even Greg looked through it and was able to defeat his boredom for a few minutes.

Greg and I talked for a while tonight about various things. We disagree on a lot of topics. For instance, he views my belief in socialism and resiliancy of nature and mankind as naieve and too idealistic, while I see him as being hugely pessimistic about most things, notably the survival of society in the coming centuries. It all seems to come down to compassion against selfishness, and I will always side with compassion. I hope, for his sake and others, that he can abandon his selfishness.

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