“I seek for answers when I look into your eyes”

What does it say when I have an Aqua song as one of my current favourites?

“Be A Man” from their debut album, Aquarium is definitely a guilty pleasure for me. It’s most likely the deepest song they did (not that they did a lot of deep songs, as they were a pop foursome), and one of those unlikely songs that touches you somehow.

On the topic of Aqua, I’m not sure what I think of the new music from Lene, the female vocalist for the group. It’s definitely a departure in image, though not so much sound. It seems she has become some sort of super pop sex symbol. “It’s Your Duty” is a rather annoying single, and I don’t know enough of the album, titled Play With Me, to make an overall call.

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  1. Man, I loved her back in grade nine. I really liked “Turn Back Time” from Aqua.

    I still remember downloading the music video for Barbie girl from musicvideos.com — the Vivo video format. Anyone remember that? Same size as an MP3, postage stamp sized, absolutely terrible?

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