Fire, Moon, Souls

The bon fire was quite a nice time. While it was only Cyril, his wife Gladys, my parents, my sister and I, we had some interesting conversations and enjoyed the fire and food. The only negative part of the night involved a nasty spark. First it landed on my arm. Just as I noticed the burning, it popped and flew into my eye. Luckily I blinked and it only burned my eyelid. It still hurt quite a lot, but it only left a small mark.

The moon last night was beautiful. When it was rising it seemed so huge and had a wonderful yellow glow that only a harvest moon has. I watched it the entire drive from the city to here with great interest. The moon is definitely my most favoured object in the sky.

I’ve spent the time since I returned home talking with Ashley, Alisha and Wanda. It’s been a nice close to my night being able to talk with three of my dear disciples. We all need to put more effort into aquiring the fabled disciples bus. Who wouldn’t want to drive around and spend all their time with the best people in all the world?

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