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The old “About Me” page:

It’s hard to convey who I am in a few words. I’d like to think you’d need to read everything I write here to get a true picture of me, but I’ll try to give you a glimpse at what is to be expected. I hope you’ll stick around to discover more.

My name is Apollo. Yes, that’s my legal name, and what everyone calls me. I tend to think it’s fitting for someone who is as passionate about art to be named after the Greek god of the arts (About.com tells us that Apollo is a god of healing, prophecy, the arts — especially music — and archery.). The healing and prophecy aspects are definitely ones I aspire to build within myself.

I currently live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, with a diversity of landscape that is always inspiring and awe inducing. The coasts, the forests, the fields, the rivers, the communities and the cities create a wonderful mosaic enriched by a facinating history.

I’ve become facinated by words and their beauty. In recent months I have been expanding the genres of writings I have been reading, and I have found it to be a very rewarding experience. Previously I had been reading mostly fantasy, but recently I have been reading books on spirituality and creativity most frequently. You can take a look at what I have read and what I hope to read in the future in my book list.

Music has long been a vital part of my life. It has brought me through difficult times and shaped nearly every aspect of my life in profound ways. Music was certainly the most important material influence during my youth. It has strengthened my resolve, brought me great joy, pushed away depressions and lead me to enlightenment. I would not be who I am today with out its many benefits. You can learn of some of the artists I listen to in my music list.

I obviously enjoy writing. Why else would I keep a site such as this? Writing is certainly a central focus of my life. I simply have a need to write, whether it comes out as poetry, a story, a review or a simple journal entry. I will always write, even if I lack an audience beyond my close friends, because it’s an important part of who I am, but I do hope others will gain something from reading my words.

I am an evolving soul. I am driven to expand my spirituality and understanding of the world as much as I can. Most recently this has lead me through the paths of Taoism, socialism, and meditation. My personal experiences and the teachings of others have lead me to the path of the divine, and I will tread it with care and enthusiasm. Change, compassion and evolution must be my constants.

I am filled with wanderlust. There is so very much in this world I wish to experience, and so many landscapes I long to explore. This continent alone holds so many mysteries that I plan to discover when I have the resources. When the time arrives my disciples and I will wander.

I will leave you now with words others have spoken about me. These are comments from a diverse set of people. My best friends (disciples) and aquaintences are represented. Perhaps those who know me well and only in part can shed more light than I.

Ashley said, “You are very imaginative, brilliant and so beautiful!” and “You are wonderful in every way, smart, loving and always thinking of others.”

Wanda said, “You have wonderful taste in music and are always introducing me to new and wonderful artists I have never heard of.”

Anowyn said, “Your hair is awesome. Do not cut it. You are very intelligent, so it’s nice to read your entries.”

Sarah said, “You are wise beyond your years,” and “There is something very calming about you. In a world full of drama, the last thing we need is someone who makes us tense. You do just the opposite. You are a special one, Apollo. I’m telling you that right now. Don’t believe anything otherwise.”

Sascha said, “Any man who uses his head as much as Apollo does deserves to at least have a street named after him.”

Julia said, “You are very intelligent, caring and interesting.”

Tiffany said, “Apollo is an amazingly intellegent person, probably one of the most I have ever met.”

Judy said, “I read every entry, and take most of it to heart. You’re one of the only people I know who is passionate about anything… You’re an inspiration.”

Lilith said, “I enjoy reading your LJ. You have good taste in music and your writing is always refreshing in comparison to what most people post.”

Sharmel said, “Aside from being devistatingly handsome in your user pics, you seem to be very intellegent, intropective and generally a wonderful person. And you like Poe. Which makes you cool in itself. But yea, you’re pretty awesome.”

Kimmie said, “You seem like such a loyal person and you bring calmness and peace to the world by being the person that you are.”

Contact: frozentruth@frozentruth.com

An Image & Old Fragments of Self:

I am also a Nova Scotian, a Canadian, a compassionate soul, an environmentalist, a writer, and an evolving soul. Wanderlust, words and tales have taken my hand and are leading me forward. I’m in the center of many threads and leaves.

I’m an evolving soul, but there are constants to my growth. I seek truth in everything I do. In my friends, art, humanity and nature I find new insight and compassion. From these true threads I draw the strength I need to continue my personal growth.

Love is the center of all I believe in. A life without love is truly an empty one. I am fully blessed to be so loved by those who I have in my life.

Friendships for me are very important, and I always infuse them with loyalty, trust and love. Though each of my friendships vary in closeness and amount of time we are able to spend together, I truly treasure each life I am able to be a part of.

Ashley, my love, is surely the most dear of all my friends to me. She has changed who I am in so many positive ways, and I am endlessly thankful that she is a part of my life. She is beautiful in body and spirit and surely the most wonderful person I have ever met. She is my muse, my happiness and my future.

Art has been a vital part of my life for as long as I can remember. There is much truth and compassion in true art, and that is surely something I encourage everyone to realize. My three greatest artistic passions are writing, reading and listening to music.

I have loved writing for nearly my entire life. I am constantly writing, and developing stories for my poems and prose. I currently have several projects underway, including a poetry collection and a novel. Of course there are pieces of writings here at Frozen Truth . com, so you can read those if you’d like.

I try to read as much as possible each day. I have always loved words and stories, and the great impact they can have on our lives. I enjoy reading fantasy over other genres because of the great allegories and symbolism that can be found in the great works of fantasy. Some of my favorite wordsmiths (and visual artists in the case of comics and graphic novels’ creators) include J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles de Lint, Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks, Mike Jefferies, Wendy and Richard Pini, Terri Windling, Mark Z. Danielewski, Irene Radford, Robert Asprin, Terry Moore, and Neil Gaiman.

Music is the lifeblood of my entire way of life. There isn’t a day that passes during which I do not listen to music, for it gives me a sense of peace that I have never found in any other art. Though I’m very selective about what I listen to, I enjoy some works from every genre. I enjoy hundreds of artists, and a some of the notable ones include Collective Soul, Poe, Matthew Sweet, Buck 65, The Smashing Pumpkins, Tom Cochrane, Live, Delerium, Zwan, Conjure One, The Thorns, Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Elastica, Collide, Big Wreck, Terami Hirsch, A Perfect Circle, Neil Young, Tool, Crash Test Dummies, Garbage, Lisa Loeb, Gin Blossoms, Placebo, Goo Goo Dolls, Ellen Reid, Tegan and Sara, Great Big Sea, Marit Larsen, Marvelous 3, Shawn Mullins, Butch Walker, Nine Inch Nails, Our Lady Peace, Rush, Scratching Post, The Tea Party, The Wallflowers and Molly Zenobia.

I am very interested in many environmantal and humanitarian issues. Activism is an essential part of what I believe, for I feel it is our duty to the world to protect and fight for it and its peoples’ rights.

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  1. Hiya Apollo!

    This is Melissa (Richards) McKerness

    I am on LJ and did a search for Nova Scotia in interests and found you! Wow! You've got some awesome musings on here!!

    Anyways, my LJ is nsrottie if you wanna add me.

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