A Place To Dance In The Spotlight Snow

The ground has a thin sheet of snow resting on it now. It seems that any hope that winter would take its time in arriving is gone now. I’m dreading full winter this year, and that’s unusual for me. I usually enjoy winter until the end of January and then wish for the joys of spring.
I can almost smell and taste the fresh maple products that have been such an important part of the spring for all my life. My family owns a maple producing company, and it’s always a joy for me to take part in all the many aspects of it. For some reason I can’t get the guestbook from the sugar camp from my mind. There were people from all over the globe who visited our small building and left with small memories of the type that fill my nearly twenty-one year history.
Alas, Christmas lights give their reds and blues to my cold-weary eyes from across the street now. The glare is not so pleasant, but I do find that Christmas glow to be pleasant. There’s such a conflicting struggle during the Christmas season that I find very troubling.
Of course the truly good aspects of fellowship and spending time with people I love is something I would never want to give up, and that I wish could be year-long parts of everyone’s lives. There are few moments in life more satsfying than the joy of sitting around a fire talking with those you love. Nor is there any good reason not to live life without that sense of joy throughout the year.
Consumer-driven gift giving is an aspect of this season that bothers me a lot. So much of the holiday has been taken over by capitalism, driving us to spend hundreds of dollars to show our love, when a few hours of genuine fellowship would be a far better investment and statement of love. That is not to say I don’t enjoy giving and receiving gifts, especially when there is a true sense of love and thought behind the giving. However, I treasure Chirstmas cards far more than I do an expensive toy or ornament.
My birthday is Wednesday, and I haven’t reflected upon it much yet. Sure, I haven’t forgotten the date, but I haven’t taken the time to really look back at this past year and those before it. This past year has undoubtedly been the best of my life, and one of great personal growth. I have a deepening self-awareness, I’ve spent more time with my dear friends, and I’ve learned plenty of things which have improved my life.

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